About Soorya Performing Arts

Soorya Performing Arts (SPA) is a 501 c3 performing arts organization dedicated to bring an awareness,  passion and interest for dance, music and theater of Indian origin. It aims to provide

·         the knowledge to learn and understand

·         the knowledge to perform and enjoy

·         the knowledge to watch and appreciate

·         the knowledge to collaborate and create new idioms of immigrants of Americas

It strives hard to bring the awareness of authentic performing art forms from ancient India. Knowledge accumulated for 3 millennia in Indian heritage, is the main inspiration for all our dedicated work. Earlier Indian art pioneers have left a trove of information, pertaining to performing arts through research and experiment. The existing classical art forms such as Bharata-Natya Dance or Kathak Dance or Carnatic music or Hindustani music have evolved after several centuries of fine tuning by an amazing human intellect.

Our main goal is to create opportunities to everyone to learn, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Indian Performing Art forms in Midwest and to USA. We believe, a better informed person, will make better decision, and will create a beautiful society.

Soorya Performing Arts (SPA) has evolved under the guidance of Prasanna Kasthuri, a highly reputable Dance Guru in USA and India. He has provided an artistic leadership in the greater St. Louis metro area through his projects such as American Natya Festival, Natya Idol and many other individual artistic presentations. Thousands of patrons have witnessed and enjoyed their performances.

With the help of its volunteer board members, community members, students and Parents, SPA has presented many unique dance productions, music concerts and theater festivals since 2003. It has invited legendary performers such as Pundit Birju Maharaj, Grammy awardee Vishwamohan Bhat, Dhananjayans, Adyar K Lakshman, Shila Mehta, Nagamani Srinath and more than 80 artists from India; more than 1200 artists from USA. It has collaborated Tap and Indian dancing with legendary tap dancer – prof. Robert Reed with Guruji.

SPA’s performing unit is par excellent and presents performances regularly in St. Louis and in other cities of USA and India.

Soorya Performing Arts is a window to Indian performing arts in USA. Witness the color of arts. Come and join us.


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