About Soorya Performing Arts

Soorya Performing Arts (SPA) is a 501 c3 performing arts organization dedicated to bring an awareness,  passion and interest for dance, music and theater of Indian origin. It aims to provide

·  Knowledge to learn and understand Indian classical dance, music and theater.

·  Knowledge to perform and enjoy Indian classical dance, music and theater.

·  Knowledge to watch and appreciate Indian classical dance, music and theater.

· Knowledge to collaborate and produce innovative experiences 


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Be a part of building artistic infrastructure for Young and experienced, so performing arts can shine high. Build a healthy artistic society, to keep innovation and creativity thrive. Donate to the programs o Soorya Performing Arts. Support an artist or sponsor a stage or sponsor a travel. Any support will be a good stepping stone to have a creative and artistic environment around us, which helps us build a diverse, tolerant society,