13th Music Annual Show

Dear Friends and Patrons,

Soorya Performing Arts completes 14 years in service of Indian performing arts. It’s a great journey since 2003. Our journey experienced lots of challenges, some failures, some successes—just like life. Since we worked with a noble intention, we never had to turn back . Our passion, dedication to create a good atmosphere of art and culture has been supported by patrons such as yourself and encouragements from businesses and from many others.
We gained your trust through hard work, selfless volunteering . We are able to do what we are doing because of you r love for art, creativity and peace , tranquility one gets through its experience. We are very thankful to Missouri Arts Council, Regional Arts Commission; as well as private corporations such as Enterprise Foundation, Bank of America, Monsanto; as well as many hundreds of donors.

Our main core of supporters still reside in our students and their parents—who lead in volunteering and help us bring these beautiful events to St. Louis Community. Hats off to these people, who work tirelessly. Because of these parents and many well wishers of Indian art, hundreds of people could sit peacefully and enjoy a beautiful show each evening.

Now that a true artistic infrastructure is available for talented youth and experienced elite, we hope this beautiful city of St. Louis will make this as a tradition. We request you to be part of this journey by joining us through either volunteering, hosting, raising funds or promoting. If you are busy, you can always donate some funds, which will be used for artistic enhancement in this city.

With this message, we present—Composers Day—enjoying the beauty of Indian music and also trying the same on western instruments such as Cello and Keyboard along with traditional instruments such as Mrudangam.

We thank US Wide Financials, Missouri Arts Council, Regional Arts Commission, and lots of patrons who made this event rolling again

Thank you

Board of Directors. Soorya Performing Arts