Soorya Performing Arts offers annual membership for its events.

The benefits include

  1. Free admission to all our events such as St. Louis Indian Music Festival, American Natya Festival
  2. Discounted food coupons
  3. Free gifts such as T-shirts or cups
  4. Free admissions to workshops
  5. Interactions with artists
  6. Involvement with creative projects
  7. Offering leadership roles in art management
  8. Volunteering opportunities for High school students to help their colleges

Join Soorya Performing Arts

  • Individual membership -$75 / Family membership  - $150 - a family of 4 / Donors membership - $500 / $1000

Apart from becoming a member, you can always donate. Most corporations will match your donations.  Please contact for more details

Level Price  
Individual membership $75.00 now. Select
Family membership $150.00 now. Select
Donors membership-1 $500.00 now. Select
Donors membership-2 $1,000.00 now. Select