Subhadra Parinaya

Subhadra Parinaya

Subhadra Parinaya is a Sanskrit dance drama produced by Guru Prasanna Kasthuri. Created back in the 90s, this Production was taken on a tour to several places in Europe and India, where it received rave review

This ballet is based on one of the stories from Mahabharata, where Arjuna - one of the five Pandavas, is required to go on a pilgrimage, mourning a sin of breaking a rule amongst his lawful brothers. He wanders across huge lands and crosses big rivers. He visits many great places and in the end of his trip he makes it to the city of Dwaaraka, ruled by Lord Sri Krishna and Balarama.
Sri Krishna, a long time guide and confidante to Arjuna, realizes that his beautiful sister Subhadra loves Arjuna. Krishna gives Arjuna a plan to disguise himself as a saint to win over Subhadra and also to keep dangers out of their way. Balarama (Krishna’s brother), who is against this love-affair, wants his sister Subhadra to marry Arjuna's rival - king Duryodhana. However, he has great belief in saints and therefore invites the saint in disguise and appoints his sister for his care, hoping that the Saint would sway his sister’s mind away from Arjuna
During his stay at Balarama's palace, Arjuna realizes Subhadra’s true love. Arjuna eventually decides to expose his true self after seeing Subhadra’s separation anxiety during the celebration of “Festival of Love (Madanotsava)”. Subhadra is very happy to see her beloved and falls to his grandeur and valor. Both elope in style in Arjuna’s chariot.

An enraged Balarama, chases Arjuna and tries to take control of his army. Arjuna is no less warrior. He defeats them all. As the battles rages and no one seems to give up, Krishna intervenes. Balarama stops fighting unwillingly. Subhadra falls at Balarama's feet seeking his and Balarama has to finally give in for the love of his sister.

CAST: Guru Prasanna Kasthuri with the dancers of Soorya Dance Company

Choreography and Direction:  Guru Prasanna Kasthuri.

Music: Hemmige Venugopal

Duration: 55 minutes